Red Dot Ruby Conf 2016

Red Dot Ruby Conf (RDRC) is the annual Ruby conference in Singapore. This year, the conference was held on 23 and 24 June 2016 at Matrix (Biopolis).

First and foremost, I would like to give a big shout-out to my project department (MOM WINS PO) for sponsoring me and a few other colleagues to the conference this year.

I am a Matz (creator of Ruby)'s fanboy! I am a Matz (creator of Ruby)'s fanboy!

As usual, the speaker lineup was awesome. Apart from the 5 renowned keynote speakers, there were 11 other speakers and 9 lightning-talk speakers, from all over the world. I was very excited about meeting Matz and Aaron Patterson again.

RDRC 2016 Keynote Speakers RDRC 2016 Keynote Speakers

In case you miss it, you may watch all the talks on Kudos to Michael Cheng for recording and publishing the talks online. Also thanks Chee Aun for collating the slides links on his GitHub Gist.

I have learned many things from the speakers, albeit there were also a lot of things that I could not fully grasp. Furthermore, I also got to mingle with some ex-colleagues and Rubyists working in other government agencies and private companies. This is a small industry and I reckon that it is good to know what and how other Rubyists are doing.

This is actually my fourth time attending RDRC. In 2014 particularly, I gave a lightning talk titled “Algorithmic Trading for Fun and Profit”. This year, I did not give any talk but I did help out the organiser, Winston with rating the Call-for-Proposal (CFP) submissions. Admittedly I did not manage to contribute as much as I would like to. So I was quite surprised when I saw my name in Winston’s appreciation list during the closing address. Hopefully I will still be able to attend the conference next time.

My name in Winston's slides My name in Winston's slides